How to install Lightroom Presets fast and easy

What are light room presets?

Lightroom presets are a configuration of settings to achieve a certain look or style on a photo – they are like Instagram filters. They are predetermined edits that you can add to any picture you want with just one click! It’s a super-easy way to edit photos and get the exact vibe or style you’re going for. By just clicking one button, your photo can be changed in hundreds of ways all thanks to different preset filters you download and purchase. The presets can adjust the colors, the lightness or darkness, the shadows, the contrast, the grain, and so much more.

Presets are an amazing way to create high-quality content for social media, and the best part is that you don’t have to do much work! Find preset filters that you love, download them to your app, and they’re ready to use! Get a high-quality Instagram feed going by getting started with Lightroom presets today!

To access Lightroom presets, you need to download the Lightroom app, and the presets app. You use the presets app to download any preset filters you want, and then you download them into the Lightroom app – we know it sounds confusing, but we’ll explain how to install them step-by-step later in this blog!

How can Lightroom presets benefit you?
If you run a business or lifestyle social media account, editing photos is a must. You want to create a cohesive look to your content, but that can be tricky. Lightroom presets will be your new best friend!
Here are some ways Lightroom presets can benefit you:
1. Batch editing
One way Lightroom presets can benefit you is if and when you batch edit content. If you choose one day out of the week to take all your content photos, Lightroom presets make it super quick and easy to edit those photos. You can add one filter to multiple photos at a time on the app – making it super quick and easy to batch edit your content!
2. Cohesiveness

If you want your social media platforms to look and feel cohesive and give off a certain vibe, Lightroom presets make that super easy! Just choose your favorite preset filter and apply it to all the pictures you plan to post on your social media platforms, and BAM! You have a cohesive and stylish feed!


If you are a busy business owner or influencer, you may not have all the time in the world to edit your photos to look exactly how you want them to. By finding some preset filters that fit you, your style, and your aesthetic, you can save yourself time editing your content. Simply select your favorite filter and apply it to your photo.

Here are some ways Lightroom presets can benefit you:
Now that you know how amazing Lightroom presets are and how easy they can make your editing game, now comes the time where you download the app and install the preset filters you want. You can download Lightroom presets to work on your desktop and your mobile phone. This way is fast and easy, so let’s get to it!
How to import presets to your mobile app:​
#1 Open Lightroom CC
#2 Go over to the top right
#3 Click Presets
#4 Click the 3 dots
#5 Click import
#6 Select the folder with the presets inside.

Make sure is the FOLDER WITH THE .xpm at the end, and click import

#7 Ready to use my presets

Now you are all set

Step-by-step instructions to download Lightroom presets:
#1 Open Lightroom

Make sure is the 9.1 release

#2 Go over to develop
#3 Click the plus sign (+)

Under presets section

#4 Click import presets
#5 Select the folder with the presets inside

make sure is the FOLDER WITH THE .xpm AT THE END and click import. 

#6 Restart your Lightroom
#7 Now you are set and READY TO USE MY PRESETS
You’re all set to start editing! Our favorite thing about the Lightroom app is that if you download it and add presets on your desktop, you can use your app on your phone and you have access to all the same presets – it’s all in one place and on one account. So, if you take most of your photos on your phone, you can easily upload your photo to the Lightroom app and add your favorite preset filter. We think it’s easier to save and download the preset filters on your desktop, and then you can easily edit them on your mobile phone. Both ways are super quick and easy to edit your photos and help you achieve that cohesive Instagram you’ve always wanted!
Check out my presets!
You can boost your social media game with my preset filters that I created! My preset filters pack comes with 20 BRAND NEW presets that are going to help you grow your social media and create a killer social media feed! With a wide range of color, moods, and styles, my presets are super quick and easy to install. If you are interested in learning more about presets or seeing my preset filters I’ve created myself, click here!

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